Siskins @ Builth

(via Susie Stockton-Link) A great deal of excited twittering and tweeting from my next door but one neighbours’ back garden (near the Groe) all week, and for hours on end. Got the binoculars on them, over the garden fence – a tree full of siskins. I have never seen so many together; difficult to say how many [a large magnolia in the way] but at LEAST a couple of dozen.

One of the garden robins lost its lower mandible about three weeks ago – we think it flew into a window. It was coming to within 6″ of our hands when we put out soft food for it. To our astonishment, it’s still with us – quite how it’s managing to survive, we don’t know. Its chest is a real mess – it can’t preen and is ‘dribbling’ down its front.

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One Response to Siskins @ Builth

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Oh dear-joy on the Siskins…we can’t get ONE-but awful news on Robin-probably been fighting(they often kill each other!).

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