Leucistic Kite


This leucistic bird was at Gigrin Farm today again.  It’s interesting to compare it with a ‘regularly coloured bird’.

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5 Responses to Leucistic Kite

  1. bazzpugh says:

    Nice work….good to have some more photographers submitting.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Must endorse that comment! Great stuff Jan-lovely bird , tho I’m never sure which one it is-have to ask Tony as he keeps track. There were 3 last time I asked, but that was ages since. Well done and keep them coming.

  3. sorcha03 says:

    number 51 i think he was x or there was a 51 at the start x

  4. Tony Ware says:

    This part albinistic bird was flying around the fields the back of your bungalow 10-00 am this morning Janice. I was told 7 birds last time I asked.

  5. javrich says:

    Thanks all 🙂 Janice

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