Posted by: kevjoynes | February 10, 2017

Snow Bunt.

As Martin popped a Bluethroat on ( adore ’em), here is another “alien” : loadsa folk have been to Borth to see this guy and he can be so obliging-no guarantees! When we first went , we spent 2+ hours with nowt to see! BUT yesterday , he sat in front of the car and said ” Here I am!!!”.

Anyone wants details of where, just ask me.






  1. Every bit as pretty as the bluethroat Kev…… l’d go looking for him if I were closer!!

  2. No contest!!!

  3. Hi both !
    Nigel from Tirabad here – where in Borth is the Snow Bunting hanging out – might have a look on Saturday .
    Any info much appreciated !

  4. Hi,Park in the little car park directly opposite entrance to Golf Club. Look on sea wall & all around car park, carefully, as folk with dogs walk right past it.It sometimes flies on to beach or  further north towards the orange lifebelt. Last week we saw it once briefly in 2 & a half hours, Thursday it posed for over an hour very close.Good LuckKev & Sue xx

  5. Cheers for that !

  6. Mid day Saturday – brilliant views down to about 6 feet , in between car park and orange life belt . Very tame bird .
    Well worth the drive !
    Cheers for the info .

  7. So delighted he performed! Nice one.

  8. What a perfect pic of that Snow Bunting sitting on the stone !

  9. Cheers Heather.

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