The Curse of the Big Garden Bird Watch..

I think we all know it, you pick your hour and as soon as you sit down with your notebook the garden becomes completely devoid of birds.. So it seemed to be this morning with the first 20 mins producing nothing more than a Starling. A few days ago we clocked up 15 species in no time!

Anyway perseverance paid off and the following made there way into our garden this morning to be recorded for the Rspb:

2x Starling, 1x song Thrush, 5x house sparrows,  1x carrion crow, 1 x dunnock, 1x Robin, 1x blackbird and x2 collared doves.

The last 2 species got in by the skin of their teeth (beaks?!). Only a couple of weeks ago we were inundated with continental blackbirds, today they very nearly didn’t get recorded. Also no tits, finches or nuthatch.

Overall fairly respectable and a lot better than last year when we had a grand total of 2 sparrows and a wren. Back then the garden was only 3 months old so perhaps a reminder to us all that put the effort in and they will come – eventually!



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