Posted by: kevjoynes | January 27, 2017

L’dod Lake.

A stint at the lagoon end this a.m. produced 3 Reed Buntings -2 m & 1 fem-2 Marsh tits , and a pair of Bullfinches-the Rail failed to perform, but it was lovely to chat with Ginny the Waxwing girl! “Our Bittern from previous seems to be in Welshpool…sad! You will have to pop up to Coed y Dinas for that._dsc4836_filtered-copy





Note : if you have trouble like the rest of us with Marsh /Willow and you can’t hear ’em , look at the bill: Marsh has a pale spot at the base of the upper mandible.



  1. Lovely sharp set Kev. Very interesting about the Marsh Tit bill, just hope I can remember which is which.

  2. Cheers Bri-Tee He!

  3. Another great set, Kev, must mention the male Marsh tit & the Bullfinch being particularly immaculate !

  4. Had me going for a minute there Kev ,
    when I read ” stint ” and ” L’dod lake ” in the same post !

  5. I wish!!

  6. Thanks Heather.

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