Rock Park today.

Went down for a stroll around the park this a.m ,hoping to catch a glimpse of the dipper , no luck on that front, there has been a pair nesting in the railway tunnel straddling Arlais brook  for as long as l can remember 60 odd years (oh dear ) …..probably looking in the wrong place Jbnr? But not all lost… sighted a pair of grey wags near the chalybeate spring ,three song thrush venting forth …a couple of gold crest and so many dunnocks displaying and singing. As said by Kev the two pair of wigeon sighted yesterday gone, at least three grt  spot woodies drumming like mad in the surrounding woodlands.

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One Response to Rock Park today.

  1. jbnr says:

    Hi Bazz, sorry you didn`t see dipper — my sighting and hearing was on the river about 200m downstream of the pavilion and almost opposite the house building works. But sounds though that you had some good sightings.

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