Garden and further afield

Well one of my new year’s resolutions is to be less of a lurker and to post a few more things on the blog, so here we go..

Highlight in the garden at the moment is a lovely Song Thrush who seems to have taken a liking to the taste of the earthworms in our lawn. We have also had a few pale beaked ‘continental’ black birds. On the feeders plenty of Starlings, nuthatch, coal & blue tits.

Unbelievably,  the house sparrows have already started to stake claims on our bird boxes and I even saw one with some material in its beak, they obviously didn’t watch the Countryfile forecast tonight and will have a bit of a shock later this week..

Slightly further afield,  the fields above Bwlch y Sarnau had large numbers of winter Thrush and Starling. Seemed to be mainly Redwing,  but a few Fieldfare about as well. With temperatures plummeting in Europe numbers seemed to have topped up again. A couple of Buzzards were also worming.

Did not see the Waxwings again today, but can’t complain after yesterday’s treat, many thanks all again!




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One Response to Garden and further afield

  1. martinallandod says:

    Nice one Alin!

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