Posted by: kevjoynes | January 7, 2017


Well, you have to make hay…let’s not forget that this usually happens re once in 4 years and just for a few days!!! Here are a few more from Howey-great to see all the folk and help where we can.



On a cold and frosty morn.




  1. Lovely Kev, the bottom one is one of the best I have seen for a long time.Waxwings have very fine feathers on their chest areas and they always seem to look blurred in images, but the rear view has brought out more detail in the feathers, excellent!

  2. Very kind as ever!

  3. Didn’t think you could prove on the previous ones, Bazz ! So beautiful….

  4. Sorry, Kev… please forgive !

  5. Another cracking set.Kev …..I don’t mind taking the compliment Heather!!! if only.

  6. Many thanks Bazz.

  7. More lovely pictures well done Kev

  8. Great big “THANKS”.

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