A few locals.

After viewing the waxies in Howey ( thanks again for the bell Paul well appreciated) we certainly were entertained with their antics toing and frowing from the tall ash trees down to the roadside hedgerow to feed on rose hips… A marvellous sight.  Up at the lake side on the stump a few locals. yesterday there were at least a hundred Canada geese with a single greylag in tow…hes been about a few times now likes the Canada’s company no doubt.Today lake frozen I counted two and no goosanders on show._j8a1558



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8 Responses to A few locals.

  1. kevjoynes says:

    A very smart set sir!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers Kev, hope your arms and shoulders have recovered.

  3. skylarkmidd says:

    Terrific shots Bazz….

  4. Dai Edwards says:

    hi bazz happy new year to you. ive spotted 3 long tailed tits in garden to day .never had them before. In a bad place at the moment pics cheering me upa bit so thanks everyone.

  5. Heather Speake says:

    These pics certainly show the beauty of these birds – just look at the colours of the Bluetit !

  6. bazzpugh says:

    Thank you Dai, hope you get better soon happy new year.

  7. bazzpugh says:

    Thank you Heather, kind comments.

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