Lapwings !

Seen today just over border into Hereford, near Shobdon / The Leen a flock of c 80 circling over fields. Reckon they have a favourite field around there as saw about 30 there a week or so ago. But what has it all come to that a flock of 80 is for me so notable?

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2 Responses to Lapwings !

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Sad but true!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Ditto, they used to be so plentiful down at Rhyddllanduu and Tycanol farm curlews too…just near the river Ithon at the bottom end of rock park, you could hear them bubbling and pee witting away from our place… mornings and evenings …a sound I so miss.

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