Dolymynach Wildfowl

A quick post-man flu trip around Elan at 3pm.35 Mandarin (mostly males) flew around honking like geese. 2 male Goldeneye displaying and fighting over 5 females, a pair of Teal and 24 Mallard on DYM. A Peregrine up the Claerwen plus Claerwen rarity a House Sparrow.

At Penygarreg 19 Mallard, 5 Goosander, 2 Kestrels on the fence past Hirnant and finally a Dipper at Pont ar Elan.

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2 Responses to Dolymynach Wildfowl

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Well done Steve-commiserations on the annual disease!Must try to get up there-it’s these grandchilders all over the country who keep getting in the way! Tee! Hee! Don’t tell ’em.

  2. Tony Ware says:

    Its been good the last few days for waterbirds Steve, 35 mandarin, 32 Mallards a few days back excellent record, and 8 Wigeon. Get well soon 🙂

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