Posted by: steeejones | December 17, 2016

Dolymynach Wildfowl

A quick post-man flu trip around Elan at 3pm.35 Mandarin (mostly males) flew around honking like geese. 2 male Goldeneye displaying and fighting over 5 females, a pair of Teal and 24 Mallard on DYM. A Peregrine up the Claerwen plus Claerwen rarity a House Sparrow.

At Penygarreg 19 Mallard, 5 Goosander, 2 Kestrels on the fence past Hirnant and finally a Dipper at Pont ar Elan.



  1. Well done Steve-commiserations on the annual disease!Must try to get up there-it’s these grandchilders all over the country who keep getting in the way! Tee! Hee! Don’t tell ’em.

  2. Its been good the last few days for waterbirds Steve, 35 mandarin, 32 Mallards a few days back excellent record, and 8 Wigeon. Get well soon 🙂

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