American Golden Plover @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

One seen with flock of 180 Golden Plovers today at Llanbadarn Fynydd (Radnorshire), SO105807. If you are going to look for the birds, please view only from the road. At times it did disappear, but this field seemed to be the favourite one that the birds were feeding in.


Please also keep a look out for any colour ringed Golden Plover if visiting the area.

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5 Responses to American Golden Plover @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Heyup! There’s a grand spot! You can tell you are a young expert-the rest of us would’ve just seen a “normal”! Congrats.

  2. cjparry says:

    Nice one, i think ill have to go and have a look

  3. javrich says:

    Well spotted!! Almost stopped here today but was a little too late 😊

  4. steeejones says:

    great find Paul, might pop over tomorrow

  5. martinallandod says:

    That’ll get all you twitchers twitching 🙂

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