Posted by: kevjoynes | November 24, 2016

Over the border!

Just in case any of you venture to Aber etc this gorgeous visitor from the far north is currently @ Ynyslas with 3 pals.




  1. Beautiful picture of a snow bunting Kev…… how close could you get!

  2. Hi Martin and many thanks -not too close , as they were very skittish in the high wind-plus a Merlin about! Still , I managed about 60/70 feet during breaks in the gale force wind  Standing still was best as they kept coming back to the same area-give me a shout if you want details. A couple more pics on the Ceredigion blog.Cheers Kev.

  3. What an attractive bird – this picture is well worth more publicity….

  4. Cheers Heather.

  5. Beautiful picture, well done Kevin/ IME they can be very `tame` coming very close when I`ve seen them in Cairngorm Corries but not in good photography conditions !!

  6. Cheers James.Likewise in Cairngorm carpark, but not yesterday in galeforce wind!

  7. Gorgeous indeed, well captured!

  8. BIG thanks M.

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