Posted by: kevjoynes | November 20, 2016

L’dod Lake & Cefnllys

A bit nippy albeit dry , so no complaints! The Little Grebes( aka Dabchicks) are still with us , but by the lagoon today. 20 + Goosanders , showing more interest in bread than fish and a single fem.Tufty. Great to see Paul & Sylvie yesterday  baby minding!!!! I shall refrain from any prognosticating… At Cefnllys , we are desperately short of finches-we have Gold & Chaff , plus a single Green, but where are the Bullies , Redpolls & Siskins?  With Bazz I suspect. Below is a pic of the latest Red Admiral I can recall-a few days back in the ridiculously mild weather.




Not often you see these  on here , considering they live in town!


Plus another “commoner”. Our Hedge Sparrow/ accentor-these guys live a far more complex life than you might imagine. Not good to pursue if you are religiously orthodox!!! They rather like a menage a trois! Excuse the post Brexit French.


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