Posted by: Tony Ware | November 17, 2016


Elan Valley: Following the over night strong south westerly winds, and heavy rain.

The strong winds up the valley this morning, bringing back more Thrush mayhem, 500 + Fieldfare (glad you saw them Polly) were causing havoc flying up and down Claerwen valley, bringing the attentions of certain birds of prey. Other birds include 8 Goldeneye on D y m, there were 3 Cormorants on the banks of Caban Coch, and 50 + Woodpigeon flew over.

Gilfach: late afternoon, with the high water levels, a trip to the Marteg for a Salmon watch was a must, Salmon jumping in all directions, a must visit to all. Birds included 3 Grey Wagtails, 2 Dippers and a Stonechat.



  1. Nice to hear the thrushes are still about.
    A few days ago at Gilfach: Large flocks of goldfinches flying about. Also flushed a woodcock near the old conifers area.

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