Posted by: kevjoynes | November 11, 2016

L’dod Lake &Cefnllys

Continuing the autumnal theme as a Gs Woodpecker comes to examine the dying fungus and TWENTY Goosanders on the lake yesterday ,but no sign of Little Grebes. Anyone with experience of these two coexisting?



Calling Carlton: is this a young male taking its time moulting out??




  1. Yes I think so, i counted 22 yesterday.

  2. That’s a fantastic woodpecker photo Kev. We have one little grebe on the river Elan today. Janice

  3. Cheers both-fascinating that you have ’em on the river Jan-always have them as pond birds .Probably Carlton-they have a nasty habit of hiding behind the island!!!

  4. Autumn treats…

  5. Yes it can be infuriating tring to get an accurate count, especially if they are feeding!

  6. Three lovely shots, especially woody

  7. Thank you Bri.

  8. Thanks Martina.

  9. Previous comment failed so again I say beautiful pic of the GS Woodpecker – worthy of more publicity, agree?

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