Jack Snipe @ Llyn Heilyn

Late afternoon a Snipe rose from the sedge next to the car park and fluttered about before diving back into the vegetation. It did this a few times and its rounded wing appearance made me think it was a Jack. A Common Snipe on thd other hand left the northern edge and rose high into the air, circling high over the lake. Also saw 7 Teal, 1 Little Grebe and a nice tight flock of 120 Golden Plover murmurating above the ridge to the south ( Bwlch y Maen).

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2 Responses to Jack Snipe @ Llyn Heilyn

  1. Leafie says:

    Very nice Steve, seems like classic Jack Snipe behaviour. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 5-10 Jack Snipe hiding away there somewhere.

  2. Tony Ware says:

    Far side along the path, we have had 8 snipe, but no jacks yet Steve.

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