Posted by: kevjoynes | October 26, 2016

Elan yesterday.

Lookout:It’s Winter thrush week! Up the valley next Craig Goch but the banks of Penygarreg-swarming with Fieldfares mainly and a mix of a few Redwings and Mistle thrushes. I’m sure Richard ( Knight) wont mind me mentioning that he also spotted a Ring Ouzel through his scope. It is an impressive sight when a few thousand of these birds start swirling around and chattering incessantly. Good job we have the best berry display for years : it should keep them occupied for a while despite their insatiable appetites!_dsc7375_filtered-copy_filtered




  1. Gareth shots Kev…..

  2. Oops …….predictive text strikes again

  3. Cheers Martin-I actually disabled mine as I got so fed up with it being too clever.

  4. A couple of beauty’s nice work.

  5. Many thanks Bazz.

  6. 2 magnificent shots, Kev, just read the Fieldfare is the most colourful of the thrush family – certainly shown here on 2nd one.

  7. Cheers Heather.

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