LLanbwlchllyn Lake.

_j8a7871Made a visit to the lake last Tues to show my wife Joy the G.W.E… Well it was still about but in its usual preferred haunt about 400 yards away Hey Ho..but a sighting and a first for Joy….Loads of tufties ,Teal, wigeon above disturbed by some raptor. ( Probably the goshawk)_j8a7849Two cormorant, a Juv and Adult great Crested Grebe._j8a7855A red Legged partridge came down for a rummage in the Margins ….”Bonjour_j8a7827We were joined By Mr Dick Cridlen for the later part of our stay in the hide…Nice to meet you Dick and to echo your words “Nice to put a face to a name”  On our way out of the hide we heard this hullabaloo screeching, and what we could only describe as a goshawk was having a go at the Partridge… fancied a little french cuisine sans doubte.

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  1. kevjoynes says:

    Well done.

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