Posted by: kevjoynes | October 12, 2016


Yesterday, no real luck with the Thrush family-too distant , but Sue had a Kingfisher in the village and I saw 2 Dippers arguing there-failed to get pics ! Tried Claerwen and had a dozen visiting Blackbirds with 2 Ouzels mixd in at the foot of the dam , on the only Rowan there.On the way home past Hirnant, things looked up with first an immature Kestrel , glowing in the afternoon sun and then an adult fem.





Telling me where to go!



  1. Up to the usual standard, well done Kev.

  2. Lovely, I was up there didn’t see you …spoke to Tony Ware he s
    Asked if you were about….I had virtually the same sightings as you did with ouzel sand winter thrush…even the same kestrel on post just passed farm ….just about to set up camera and a bl…..y crow came and chases her off….did see merlin at DYM ch flew straight in front of me across margins….completely blanked pic wise.oh by the way did you see the male black caps in the rowen tree foot of Claerwen.

  3. No- no Blackcaps,but cheers Bazz.

  4. Many thanks Brian.

  5. Usual brilliant pics – what an unusual position you captured on the 1st one – certainly got his eye on you !

  6. Thank you.Best not tell you what happened shortly after…but I got a pic of something black & white!!!

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