Posted by: Tony Ware | October 11, 2016


Birds have been flying through that fast during the last 48 hours, although in small numbers, it`s hard to keep up with them, unfortunately none of them are staying, probably due to the fact that there is so much food around for them. Yesterday at least 20 Ring Ouzels, 20 Redwings, 15 + Blackbirds passed through Claerwen, Also a few more Ring Ouzels and Redwings at Troedrhiwdraen farm.


Today at least 7 Ring Ouzels were with 100 + Redwings passing through Claerwen, and at least 2 more Ring Ouzels were at Troedrhiwdraen farm, with Mistle Thrushes and more Redwings, also present were Fieldfares (thank you Bazz) and a Sparrowhawk causing havoc with our winter visitors.



  1. Keep  it up! Best if you camp and then we won’t miss owt!

  2. It must be a Photographer`s nightmare 😦 saw Bazz yesterday backwards and forwards Claerwen to Troedrhiwdraen and then back again, other togs running all over the place too.

  3. Exciting stuff, things are hotting up…

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