Great White Egret LLanbwllchlyn Radnor.

_j8a7641He /She did venture a little nearer this am….Thankfully I was joined By Martin M at the hide.. It can get a little depressing on your own especially when the bird is distant….but slowly it began fishing down the far side of the pool  edging slowly toward the hide…we thought it may come within decent shot range, when all of sudden decided to take flight and settle out of sight in reed bed close right hand side of hide…We were then joined by 4 hikers ( their fault) We suggested (nicely) they continue around the pool hoping they may put the bird up and come within sight…HA Ha…they put it up alright and it flew to the far side and roosted in a big ash tree. enough was enough.  also present flocks of teal, wigeon, Tufted, mallard. water rail calling, coots, two cormorants and a juv grebe…a bit of excitement when a raptor ( believe a peregrine) made a couple of passes at the tufties._j8a7622


_j8a7418Stonechat Rhogo._j8a7126A mippit presumably with  fleas. 

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2 Responses to Great White Egret LLanbwllchlyn Radnor.

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Well done you-got there in the end!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers Kev, hope it stays a while

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