Posted by: kevjoynes | October 6, 2016

Great White Egret in Rads.

The report was accurate! Congrats Paul Schofield- Llanbwchllyn is not the handiest place,but I forced myself to go have a look and nailed my first Radnor Great White! It’s near Painscastle if you want to look it up. Fortunately for me , it was hassled by a Heron (same size), so it flew from the far side 200 yards away and came within camera range.No apologies for big pics-it’s not everyday we get one of these beauties. As Carlton said , they have been down in Brecs at Llangorse , but not up here._dsc4785-copy_filtered





  1. Well done Kev, the first shots brill.

  2. Many thanks Bri-i’m glad the wife talked me into going , as it’s not my fav place to access!

  3. And you said. . you were not going! Well done Sue 🙂

    I hope it`s there in the morning 🙂

  4. Well done Kev….. Great shots of a stunning bird…..

  5. What a bird, what a picture – brilliant, Kev, well done!

  6. Thank you Heather-it is quite spectacular to see something that size!

  7. And many thanks to Tony and Martin-hey Martin, chauffeur Keith down there and show him!!!! Yes Tony, I definitely was NOT going ’til she twisted my arm-thank goodness!

  8. You’ve nailed it Kev, well done.

  9. Fantastic shots Kev, something I wasn’t able to get in all the excitement. Glad you got the chance to see it. First time I’d been to the reserve so a nice surprise.

  10. Thanks Paul-all down to you! That lake is so well tucked away it is seldom visited , so who knows what escapes us. Keep up the good work-are you from down that end?

  11. Hi Kev, i dont know if its seldom visited, but it has had a 1st for Wales, Whiskered Tern, 1956, the yr i was born. And i think i saw my first Radnorshire Smew there aswell, prob in the 1970’s

  12. Cheers Carlton.Oh dear-those far off days dwindling into the mists of memory!

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