Posted by: kevjoynes | August 27, 2016

Hirundine Time @ Cefnllys.

Yes, sadly , it’s definitely getting towards THAT  time: Swallows and House Marts ( No , not Amazons ) gathering on the wires, excitedly twittering away as if it was all a great  adventure , rather than a  perilous journey. Hope they make it and come back next year.




Last pic shows young Swallows trying out tree perches with little success!



  1. Nic set pics Kev !– It is indeed coming to that time of year, and I`ve suddenly realised that there are no swallows / HM twittering around the garden today 😦

    Just back from a w/e @ Ragley Hall, over Evesham way and there were over a hundred HM circling around the hall, excitedly twittering away, perching on the window ledges etc which makes the silence here all the more noticeable.

  2. Aye James,I don’t look forward to it! At all.

  3. —however this morning around 20 HM / Swallows on telegraph line, and I think that our pair HM are still raising a late brood judging by the activity / twittering at their nest. Swifts long since gone though

  4. Cheers J-all quiet here at pres tho they do come and go.

  5. Lovely, I hope they make it back too..

  6. And thanks again-very kind.

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