Tawny Owls hooting away at 3-00am this morning along riverside walk, waking us all up, that`s what happens when you leave your windows open during the warm weather. Viv and Pips House Martins have finally left the nest, also the Swifts next door have also taken to the big sky, still a few flying over town 20+. A few juv Spotted Flycatchers about from the nest opposite, and a Peregrine seen a few times flying over town chasing Pigeons. Elsewhere things are quiet on the river due to the amount swimmers enjoying the sunshine.


About Tony Ware

A keen Birdwatcher from the age of 12 after watching a flock of Waxwings outside the School gates. Became a serious twitcher during the 80s. A Wildlife Trust Warden and Warwickshire County Mammal Recorder for the Mammal Society and Warwickickshire Biological Record Centre before moving to Mid-Wales. Today! out Birding most days, Recording-BTO survey work, Nest Record Scheme and WeBS. Currently involved with the Wales Chat survey.
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