Posted by: kevjoynes | August 14, 2016

Rhogo , L’dod, Cefnllys.

One of these days , the forecasters must get it right by the law of averages! Still ,an overcast day gave us the Lesser B-B, Gull on the lake ( was it definitely a Greater last eve??), Reed Warbs still and yesterday our first glimpse of the Cormorant. On the Rhogo , not a single Stonechat , but a family of Wheatears in the usual spot. Badk home and a young Hedge Sparrow (Dunnock these days), is ever present.

_DSC0267 copy_filtered copy

_DSC0279 copy_filtered copy

_DSC0188 copy_filtered copy



  1. No it was a lesser both times. Bit distant first time.

  2. Absolutely brilliant shots of the young Wheatear and the Dunnock. Have you got a new camera !?

  3. No Heather-just luck with the light!cheers.

  4. Cheers George-agreed.

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