The spread of Welsh Red Kites

As I`ve lived on east edge Radnorshire last 16 years it has been noticeable how the Red Kite has steadily spread east out of its strongholds around Elan Valley etc. Until 10 years ago a Red Kite in Radnor Valley was occasional, now they`re very frequent / common and no longer `remarkable`.

But how much they have spread  is amazing; a few years ago maybe a few were seen across the border around Craven Arms etc, today I saw no less than eight circling around a silage field near Clungunford. Utterly unheard of before 2010; does though make me wonder about the introduction in Chilterns when the native stock is doing so very well.

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One Response to The spread of Welsh Red Kites

  1. Trevor Riddle says:

    When the re introductions were made there was no telling that the Welsh population would increase and ( in my view) slowly spread. Away from the re introduction centres in England kites are still scarce. I have seen about four in Somerset in the last 30 years.

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