Posted by: kevjoynes | July 8, 2016


Oh dear! Took 2 of the grandchildren up today and it was REALLY difficult to spot a bird! Still , on Mr & Mrs Leafes’ suggestion , we looked down below for a change , as they saw 21 lizards yesterday up from the quarry, and BINGO! We found 9 lizards and Ciaran  ( he’s 4)spotted this slowworm…slow? he shot off at speed and I just got his middle bits! Bethany then saw this lovely Ringlet-not many butterflies about these days.

DSC_8236 copy

DSC_8240 copy

DSC_8244 copy



  1. Hi Kev,
    great spotting but the slowworm’s a she, not a he!! Just enough bits visible to be able to tell!! (females have a dark central line down the middle of the back and dark flanks, males much more uniform in colour).

  2. Just making sure you were awake!!! 🙂

  3. Awake!!? Hardly ever asleep at the moment!

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