Posted by: jbnr | July 7, 2016

Wagtail all a twittering

Tremendous noise and activity—since 4 am ! twitter , twitter all the time , parents coming and going. Look `s as if one chick has fledged but is trying to get back in; adults chasing it away, up and down garden chases but it still persists. 4 chicks virtually on point of flight looks like but adults still bust feeding. Such commotion and noise but great watching 🙂







  1. Great fun!

  2. Sadly found one chick (alive) on lawn, doubt if it could fly and will probably perish; quite how a chick could fly back up to wall nest and get in I just don`t know. Judging by size / development chick the `interloper` wagtail can`t be one of this brood but a juvenile `from off` which is being driven away by nesting adults.

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