Grey Wagtails update

The wall breeding pair of Grey Wagtails have been very busy indeed last few days coming and going with insects / larvae for what must be their fledgling brood. A favourite hunting spot is on our lawn, right in front of my window where they fly down to quickly / run fly about and then head back up to their nest. Given this excellent opportunity to watch them they`re really striking looking birds. UPDATE; just seen at least three , maybe four young wagtails eagerly awaiting food in nest hole—keeping adults very busy indeed

Sadly the Spotted Flycatchers seem to have disappeared elsewhere; from being seen for hours on end in the garden I`ve only seen them a couple times this week. Maybe their nest failed, or even worse our cats had them (they had seen the hunting perches 😦  ) but I doubt our cats would catch such a nimble bird. Or maybe they`ve laid a clutch of eggs and are keeping a low profile ?


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2 Responses to Grey Wagtails update

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Could they have fledged?

  2. jbnr says:

    Three very large `chicks` ie near adult size still in nest this afternoon, so maybe two have fledged

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