Posted by: alinrhayader | July 3, 2016

Dragon Emerges

In response to Kev’s gauntlet I snapped this beauty emerging from our pond this morning. Not the best pic (Chris Packham would have a field day), but it is taken on my mobile and I was in my dressing gown (sorry neighbours!). My guide book suggest a Southern Hawker, perhaps the experts can confirm?DSC_1870



  1. Well done Alun-see , it’s not hard, even in a dressing gown!!!

  2. Hi Alun, Are you able to take a photo of the underside of the larval case and send it to me? Also, If you could send me the original photos – which I can then enlarge, I should be able to let you know which species. Bob Dennison

  3. Hi again, I managed to enlarge the photo and indeed it is a male Southern hawker – bands rather than spots on the tail-end two segments of the abdomen. If you still have the larval case, the ‘mask’ underneath the head end should look long and thin – like a bike seat! Bob

  4. Afterthought : dragons emerging and Wales in the semis-nice touch! Hope Merlin’s about!

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