Posted by: bazzpugh | June 30, 2016

Today out and about.

_J8A5954The lake Sedge Warbler was really giving it big licks today….He’s been quiet recently,  foraging for his first brood… Methinks and hopes his mate may be sitting on another clutch._J8A6052Yes…. I got shouted at by this young male wren near the lake Lagoon._J8A6070Nice to see Dab about on the Rhogo pool… They have young but well hidden in the reeds._J8A6117
Young Stonechat being fed by female parent up the Rhogo….Lucky enough to catch a distant glimpse of a whinchat pair…  first this year up at the Rhogo._J8A6103  And this Moorhen really enjoying the young reed mace tops….didn’t Know they went  for those sort of greens.

_J8A6129Getting Black looks from this male stonechat.



  1. Great action shots Bazz 🙂

  2. Cheers James

  3. Every one a winner, Bazz, well done… must just mention the wren – my favourite.

  4. Thank you Heather.

  5. Curious behaviour from that moorhen-nice spot.

  6. Agreed Kev, I didn’t know what it was up to clambering to the top of the mace, much to the annoyance of the Dab.

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