Posted by: pigsfly57 | June 28, 2016

Help, can any one tell me where i could take a small flegling of unkown. speciesn



  1. As ever , the best advice is to put it back quickly, where you found it . If necessary, higher off the ground so that it’s out of cat reach.Usually the parent will come back.A pic might help identify-are we talking duck size or sparrow? Sorry, don’t know anyone these days who takes birds in-I gave up 30 years ago.

  2. We found it on the patio this morning,, no idea where it came from it has small pin feathers but no other ,could be a Siskin chick, it is trying very hard to survive.What could I feed it?

  3. Same advice as Kev. A Siskin ?
    The vets at Crossgates is where we take injured birds. Goodluck.

  4. Sent an email.

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