Posted by: kevjoynes | June 21, 2016

Roast Crow!

A bizarre situation up here yesterday: mid morn and suddenly fireworks! Flash , bang , sizzle! All the lights out @ Cefnllys & Cefn Morfa without power: I went to have a look and a Crow had somehow bridged the gap between contacts on our substation and paid a heavy price. He did not look nice! Hope it’s not a Kite next time!



  1. Not very nice thing to happen. Whilst staying in a friends caravan in Pagham, Sussex this year I saw a Herring Gull get an electric shock and it just dropped to the ground inside a transformer enclosure, but after about half an hour it flew out looking non the worse.

  2. And just down the road a kamikaze GSW fledgling committed Hari Kiri on one our windows in sorrowful support of the Great Corvid.

  3. Oh dear!

  4. Blimey Brian-amazing1

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