Pied fest Yesterday.

_J8A5722Very Pleased ….we have 5 nesting pairs of Pied fly catchers in our boxes down at Bills wood- in various stages…these guys are not far off  fledging…..look at what a Grt spotted woodpecker has done to the thin plate hole protector….this one is single ply… will have to resort to three-ply to stop his pneumatic drilling. Unfortunately no Redstarts…one box with six eggs predated by what could only be a squirrel( Ripped the hole protector off and enlarged the hole)_J8A5753 and one with a clutch of two eggs abandoned… pity…but there is always next year… plenty of blue and great tits.  The owl box produced two owlets..Fledged_J8A5786


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4 Responses to Pied fest Yesterday.

  1. Brian pollard says:

    Great set, well done

  2. lovely photos! I cannot believe what the woody has done. !! how hard are they? headbutting metal….

  3. kevjoynes says:

    Well done there-amazing what a Woody can do!

  4. skylarkmidd says:

    Woody with a jackhammer……wow!

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