Posted by: kevjoynes | June 9, 2016

More from the Elan

Wood Warbler and Grey Wagtail (not often you see them up a tree! ). both oppo the VC. Beyond Craig Goch , a Whinchat-Leafie…got X-ray vision? Bet this is one of yours from last year…just couldn’t get the ring the right way round-I did ask him , but got ignored!

_DSC5719 copy_filtered

_DSC5584 copy_filtered

_DSC5826 copy_filtered



  1. Where about Kev, will try and have a look tomorrow. Cheers

  2. Heyup Stranger! Past the nest (black tape still much in evidence!), over the bridge and a 200 yards up the road through the “canyon” and look right for an old fence stump. Voila!Let me know if more info required-hope Hereford going well.Cheers Kev.In Leeds!!!

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