Posted by: kevjoynes | June 3, 2016

Spotty@ L’dod lake.

This one’s for John! By L’dod lake cafe.

_DSC4893 copy_filtered copy

_DSC4983 copy_filtered copy

And this one’s for me , as I was away in the far north when Bazz discovered it.(The Sedge Warb. ).

Both busy yesterday , singing and feeding despite the masses of visitors; also a Wood Warb and Treecreeper. FOUR different families of Canada goslings in low numbers  and the trio of Moorhen chicks. Ratty as bold as ever on the beach.



  1. Wow! Thanks Kev, what an absolutely stunning photo! I would love a print copy or is that not possible?
    I’ve booked with Sarah at Acorn Court Howey for a two day visit on 29th and 30th June so will make contact a few days before to see if we can meet up!

  2. Cheers John.

  3. Great shot 🙂

  4. Many thanks Alun.

  5. Lovely spotty pic—now why can`t I get pic like that of the spotties that are probably breeding in / very near our garden ? Frequent on apple trees / wall behind, but can I get a decent pic? NO 😦 .

  6. Keep trying James-you’ll get there.It’s all luck.

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