Posted by: bazzpugh | April 24, 2016

An early bird.

001Went again on a Wood Warbler sortie this time down the Rock Park Llandod ….Not a Peep…025…  came across this Juv Blackbird …it surly must have been laid sometime in February…and of course The gold crest singing away in one of the big conifers adjacent to the Park tea rooms.052






  1. I’ve got two almost independent female fledgling blackbirds in my garden – very few of their very brown downy feathers left. Must have been a VERY early clutch.

  2. Beautiful Goldcrest pictures…. (Good to see Rock Park buildings exteriors are being cleaned up!)

  3. Well done Susie , yes it’s surprising how early both thrush and blackies lay.

  4. Cheers Heather, I remember the rock park tea rooms post war, in the 50,s when it used to be completely covered in glass with aspidistra plants and the Pearl sensickle( I believe that was her name) violin trio playing most afternoons…halcyon days.

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