Posted by: kevjoynes | April 22, 2016

More Elan …

_DSC0451 copy_filtered

_DSC0422 copy_filtered

_DSC0542 copy_filtered

Didn’t have room yesterday , but Curlews mating by Craig Goch(Just missed that shot! They had dismounted by the time I focussed!),Wheatear up Claerwen and another Whinchat.



  1. Love hearing about any local curlews!

  2. Local??? I Wish! When we came , back in 83, we had them in the field beyond the bungalow, ‘cos the farming was mixed and we had cattle grazing instead of the wholesale sheep infestation; these days , Elan valley is about as close as we get!

  3. Well done Kev….always nice to see curlies …yes I remember it well… always a pair.. yes a pair nesting on Jack Tycanol farms ddole …for the uninitiated that’s where Llandod used to hold the bank holiday horse racing events.

  4. Great to see the curlews Kev….

  5. Cheers Martin.

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