Posted by: bazzpugh | April 22, 2016

Cuckoo, Peewit and Blackbirds.

021Cuckoo at Bryngwyn , Two pair of Lapwings ( Peewit) on Painscastle common, always nice to see these days, and these Blackbirds right in the middle of the road outside Rhosgoch school …they were scrapping for at least 5 mins… if I hadn’t intervened by tooting my horn I’m certain there would have been a fatality.119





  1. Grand job1

  2. The bottom shot blackbird fracas is amazing Bazz……..

  3. Cheers martin, in hindsight should have taken a video…wise after the event.

  4. Cheers Kev.

  5. Impressive how they try to hold each other’s beaks in a clinch. Remarkable pictures.

  6. Thank you Martina….they look like a couple of the European migrants…or be it one of each scrapping over the E.U.C.debate!!!!

  7. Oops E.E.C.

  8. Love the peewit and the cuckoo…. but never thought blackbirds could be that aggressive.

  9. Cheers Heather, I know they dispute around mating time but seeing that intensity was a first for me.

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