Painscastle Report

(via elwyn73) Saw 11 Lapwing in the air above Painscastle at the site already mentioned by several other posts. They were disturbed by a low flying kite who did not seem to get the message he was not welcome hope this is not a precursor of what the breeding season has in store. Also a pair of Curlew nearby, I was going to point out that one was tagged but Tony Cross has beat me to it. Three pairs of grouse seen, one pair seen by one of the grit boxes put down by one of the keepers, also Kestrel ,Stonechat, Wheatear and Snipe. Also of note good numbers of Yellowhammers around the Radnor valley which seems in marked contrast to areas only a little way further up the A44, I noticed the road had claimed a casualty this morning a otter was killed just below the turn for Dowton cottage between New Radnor and Walton.

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