Posted by: bazzpugh | April 3, 2016

Today and yesterday.




072Did manage to catch up with the Shrike this P.M again a very distant record shot….on my way back home across the common sighted this fem Stonechat with ring l hope this may help Tony….saying that it could be a different ringed bird!!! and of course the Goldcrest  fest in the Powys headquarters car park yesterday.001





  1. Nice Goldcrests Bazz.

  2. Great shots Bazz……..

  3. Well done Bazz. Will need a few more numbers to know exactly which bird this is but this one at least is a British ring. Was it in the same place as the bird you saw before? Hope you can nail it before the Shrike does!

  4. Cheers folks….hi Tony yes exactly the same place within 10 metres of original ….it will be next weekend for me another.sortie ….unless Kev, Steve,or Martin give it a go!!

  5. Beautiful Goldcrest pictures – they would adorn any card !

  6. Thank you Heather much appreciated

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