Posted by: kevjoynes | April 3, 2016

That GGShrike again.

Well we have to make a fuss as these guys don’t pop up that often and we are having a bonanza with last year’s on Penybont common ! Wish it was closer , as we saw him nail a vole and 10 mins later , a lizard! The way he tore into the vole suggested he was a bit peckish.(No pun!).A Chiffchaff and a pair of Stonechats on site, not to mention Clive, Bazz and Steve( you missed him by a minute Steve! Why did you not hang on?).

_DSC2540_filtered copy

_DSC2578_filtered copy_edited-1




  1. Marvellous. Really pleased to have seen this rare beastie.

  2. Cheers tim.

  3. whereabouts please

  4. Hi Barbara-Leafie’s report gives the Os ref(092544). It’s Perthi Common-on theA481 from Builth, about 3 miles out , you see a minor road on the left going North. It forks shortly after the main road and in that fork is where to look.Usually the right fork going uphill on the left side . Look at all the bush tops.Be warned : today he went right down to the main road all pm and was virtually impossible to spot.

  5. Thanks Ill try tomorrow

  6. Just looked up details of this Great Grey Shrike – one stated ‘uncommon winter visitor’ – so well done capturing it so well !

  7. Cheers Heather.

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