Posted by: robin100 | March 31, 2016

Sparrowhawk with Green woodpecker Claerwen

(via Fiona Wase) Amazing sight yesterday morning….a sparrowhawk has caught a green woodpecker and was struggling to subdue it. It flew off with it and appeared to try to drown it in a puddle, has anyone experienced anything like this before? Pictures aren’t great as taken from vehicle I’m afraid! 






  1. Well caught both….I have seen video of sparrow hawk trying to drown its prey , but never witnessed ….right time right place excellent….only wish hawk would leave the greens alone they are getting rarer by the minute it seems.

  2. Hi Fiona- apart from the fact that we can’t spare any Yaffles , that’s a great sequence you’ve nailed. In fact , it is a fairly common incidence : Sprawks do try to drown prey if water is available. Well done.

  3. Hi, on my I pad when entering radnor BB something really weird has happened to the first two pics ..yet on my e mail wordpress prompt no probs…very odd. Any body else encounter this ?.

  4. Yes indeed Bazz, on my laptop the first 2 pictures are elongated and incomprehensible.

  5. Thank goodness for that Martina….I thought my I pad had gone down.

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