Great Grey Shrike @ Rhogo

One seen this evening at SO092544 for around 10 mins before flying off towards Builth. It may have been just heading off to roost, so worth a look for tomorrow.IMG_4939_filtered

Nice to see a pair of Wheatears back on the common.IMG_4964_filtered

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6 Responses to Great Grey Shrike @ Rhogo

  1. bazzpugh says:

    Great spot and shot Paul ….I wonder how long it’s been around there?.

  2. Leafie says:

    Cheers Bazz. Well I’m pretty certain it wasn’t there a week ago. Most likely just passing through.

  3. martinallandod says:

    Well spotted and great pics.

  4. jbnr says:

    Lovely pics Leafie, signs of winter passing and summer coming !

  5. Karen says:

    Great photos, managed to see the Great Grey Shrike this afternoon around the same area sitting on a hedge, thanks!

  6. kevjoynes says:

    Well done indeed-just back!

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