Rare errants @ Cefnllys

Back again following more babysitting in Derby! The day we went , the birds went barmy (typically, as we were off!). We were treated to THREE Bramblings & 2 Yellowhammers- not seen one of latter for YEARS! Very exciting : such lovely birds-now if Pam Llysdinam were still posting with us!!!! Shame!She would doubtless add that they have loads out there! Anyway, thanks to the dramatic changes in farming to sheep monoculture, Cefnllys has lost its Yellowhammers(et al).I include a couple of extras as so unusual._DSC1944_filtered copy

_DSC2125_filtered copy

_DSC2138_filtered copy

_DSC2015_filtered copy



About kevjoynes

Retired teacher from L'dod High-when it was a top school! Originally West Mids, but been in Wales since 1973.Started birding at age 7-hiatus 'til 2000 when retirement gave time for photography.
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9 Responses to Rare errants @ Cefnllys

  1. Brian pollard says:

    Great shots Kev, never had a Yellow hammer in the garden.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    No Bri-it’s a freak these days… time was…

  3. Tim Sparrow says:

    Send them very the road tomorrow please.

  4. Tim Sparrow says:

    “Over” it should say of course.

  5. kevjoynes says:

    Would do Tim , but they ‘ve gone.

  6. bazzpugh says:

    Very nice Kev…..I wish they would fly west a bit!!!! About half a mile.

  7. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Bazz.

  8. martinallandod says:

    Pam told me once she still gets the odd 2 or 3 yellowhammers at her feeders, down from 15 or more a few years ago. She’s busy with astrophotograpy now!

  9. kevjoynes says:

    Aha! Is that painful???

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