Fisherman’s Friend.

002He’s/She’s back again,  arrogant as ever…. “Fisherman’s friend” makes all anglers “Hot” around the collar. 011A few of these song thrush grubbing about the lagoon patch area.018 A lucky lady she can take her pick.031Male Stonechat on the deck…counted 6 pairs in 6 different locations up the Rhogo023Dabchick busy feeding on some small stuff but nary a  newt this time… Rhogo pool.059Pair of teal on Hundred house back road pool.. very distant…. also looks like a pair of swan nest-building.

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4 Responses to Fisherman’s Friend.

  1. llandodpete says:

    Great shots Bazz, you’ve had a busy day!

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Nice collection.

  3. martinallandod says:

    Splendid breeding plumage on that dabchick, very nice.

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