Posted by: Skylarkmidd | March 17, 2016

Marsh or Willow ?

imageimageimageCame upon these little fellows around the Fedw bog to-day but no positive ID ……they were silent ……. After consulting the books I’m thinking willow



  1. Hi
    its a Marsh Tit. The neat black bib and glossy cap are key features as is the shape of the neck and the paler colour of the flanks.

  2. Thanks for the id Tony,

  3. Hiya,Looks good for Willow as no sign of white spot on upper mandible tho a pic full side on would be conclusive.Well done.

  4. Delete my previous-when I blew it up , I can see a white spot on the first pic and as Tony rightly says , it has a gossy nut! Marsh.

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