Little Grebes Rhogo.

005Nice to see the little grebes pairing up on Rhogo pool ….sighted just the one previously but today both were out… looked like they were house hunting….A pic of  a female ringed stonechat from up the Rhogo maybe our local ringers will be able to throw some light!!!!!.008

032A bit distant I’m afraid but if blown up one can just recognise some of the nos.033

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4 Responses to Little Grebes Rhogo.

  1. tonycross says:

    Interesting that Baz! The numbers on British rings read around the ring on the bottom with the address on the top. The appearance of 4 numbers reading up the ring is either:-
    1. a strange artefact of sharpening
    2. its an escaped cage bird or
    3. Its a foreign ring!

    Either way, as I said, interesting!!

    More photos needed quick!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Ok Tony… I will give it a shot this weekend, now I know the territory, I may be able to get closer.

  3. kevjoynes says:

    Well done.

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