Posted by: kevjoynes | March 12, 2016

Brown cap!

For 3 days we have been entertaining a fem Blackcap; she is feeding on sunflower hearts & Tesco’s apples! Nothing new otherwise. At the lake , 2 otters reported a few days ago , round dusk by outflow. BH Gulls being as raucous as ever (sorry Martina!) and Goosanders _DSC1750_filtered copy.jpgdecreasing rapidly-down to six today. a Sprawk up the Links and a Stonechat._DSC1793_filtered copy



  1. Excellent well done …. I’ve been putting apples out for a couple of weeks hoping but to no avail !!!

  2. Beautiful shots Kev, hope the otters stay in the lake and don’t pay my pool a visit!

  3. Cheers Pete.

  4. Cheers Bazz-hope they’re Tesco’s finest!

  5. Pink lady Kev…I’m spoiling them if they come… The blue tits will have them else.

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